Portfolio Construction

Meetings are held regularly to review each portfolio manager’s current holdings. These sessions may lead to discussions on security and sector weightings and other aspects of portfolio construction. Client portfolios are managed generally the same with an average holding of 65-85 positions.

We are not asset allocators, so we seek to be fully invested at all times and hold cash only temporarily when no new investment situations meet our buying criteria. Our average cash holdings are usually less than 5% annually. We are not sector allocators and have guidelines regarding sector representation in the portfolio. Our goal is to be well diversified.

Our portfolios will not have economic sector weightings that are unusually large relative to either the Russell 2000 or the Russell 2000 Value Indexes, typically less than a double weighting, with the possible exception of Russell sectors with small weightings. There is no minimum weighting required. Consequently, we may have no representation in a particular sector.


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